Thursday, 29 May 2014

The 'Crash for Cash' Bus Scam

The 'Crash for Cash' Bus Scam

Well today I found a news story which kind of changed the way that I thought about cash-for-cash scams.  It was a story about  a bus company being targeted by scammers.  And whilst I know that really this should be obvious with bus companies being targeted to I had never really thought about it and envisaged it as just more of something that would be associated with smaller vehicles (I guess on the grounds of that you're more likely to get really hurt if a bus hits you)

The company involved is Central Buses who have have scrapped route 98 after they received 15 insurance claims from people saying they were passengers hurt in a collision that actually involved just four people – none of whom was injured. The incident was staged using motorist traveling alone who braked sharply in front of a single-decker bus that was carrying two passengers.

They ended up having to pay out an additional £25,000 to what the incident would have cost them to avoid court costs.

Geoff Cross who is the manager of Central Buses thinks that anyone wanting to claim should be forced to pay a £50 bond before any legal action, to make fraudsters think twice about lodging bogus claims. I totally agree with that!

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