Saturday, 28 March 2015

Caught on dash cam rolling back accident rear end scam

The Honda driver in front at the lights rolls back a long way in to the car with the dash cam.

This driver in the car with the dash cam was extremely grateful that he had the evidence he needed to prove that he was not at fault and therefore protected from being blamed for this accident.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Crash for cash attempt - Birmingham UK

Wow this really couldn't be more of a blatant attempt as "crash for cash" insurance fraud! Luckily the targeted car managed to stop in time JUST!

The incident occoured on the M6 just after junction 5, video uploaded to youtube 20th September 2014

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Darwin Award Nominee, Lane Hogger & More

More from EastAnglianBadDriversUK on you tube, more from his Dash Cam journeys, im sure things that we can all relate to but what is that car at the end?

Its great that we can share what is captured on our dash cams

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Australian Car Crash Compilation 3

Its sometimes interesting to see what the driver did not see, what is also great to see is the kindness of those who helped in each of these incidents.

There are some real out of nowhere moments in these clips as well, a few times we had to rewind to see exactly what the obstruction was on some of the night time videos. Im thinking that the footage caught was a god send for insurance claims in some of these

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Dash cam videos of "lorrys coming unstuck"

Let me start by saying that I have no idea what the Russian translation is but in an attempt to use a word other than accident of crash were calling this "lorrys coming unstuck" (from the road obviously)

Monday, 9 March 2015

Minibus misses car by inches - terrifying dashcam footage

Knowing how dash cams make distances people are from your car look further away than they actually were when you watch footage back, this must have been mere inches of a near miss.

This footage was Filmed on a notoriously dangerous road (A9 near Blair Atholl), the footage shows a minibus just avoiding an oncoming car.

The near-miss, posted on the Aberdeen Dash Cam Facebook page, the Daily Record claims the van which has the camera in it is doing 50mph when out of nowhere the minibus overtakes and just avoids an oncoming car.

Rikki Evans commented on Facebook: "The people in that car would have not stood a chance. That would have been an instant fatal. Stupid impatient driver!!"

Protect yourself from idiots like this who if an accident had occurred would have tried to claim that you went in to the back of them through no fault of their own firmly pinning the blame on you!!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Whats in the Road Angel Halo Box

Wondered what you get in the Road Angel Halo box? 2 cameras for a start for excellent protective coverage from scammers

Easy to install, comes with easy to use software for your computer which will show map locations of video as well as a whole host of other data.

Having a dash cam can now even get you money off of your car insurance as well so what are you waiting for!

Truck Smashes Motorcycle Into Pieces in Head On

Not only are dash cams valuable for proving crash for cash scams but they are also useful for proving your innocence should you get caught up in an incident which is not your fault, which is what happened to this HGV driver, thank goodness he had a dash cam

This is the terrifying moment that a motorcyclist veers across a winding country lane - and ploughs head-first into an oncoming lorry. The footage is taken from the lorry’s dashcam, the biker is seen failing to take a bend and drifts into the opposite carriageway as the HGV approaches. The motorbike was torn in half by the impact - but miraculously the rider escaped with just a broken shoulder.

Police thought that the lorry driver might have been guilty of speeding but the footage proved he was not at fault for the 30mph smash in Rye, East Sussex.

Mark Chamberlain, managing director of John Jempson & Son, which owns the lorry, said that the footage proved that his company's driver was not to blame for the accident.
"The driver was travelling safely and within the speed limit. You can see on the video that he is passed first by a motorcyclist who turned out to be the female partner of the injured rider. The second rider follows very closely behind her. If you slow the video right down you can see that he hits a pothole and veers over the road into the path of our truck after coming out of a corner. There is a collision but thankfully the motorcyclist is lucky and he escapes with a broken shoulder. He is already coming off the bike at the point of impact and he ends up falling to the side of our truck.

Protect yourself

Photo and video credit: SWNS

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

What Crazy Dash Cam Videos Teach Us About Self-Driving Cars

We came across a great article that we want to share with you, we have done a short summary here:

The first self-driving cars are expected to hit showrooms within just five short years. Their
capabilities will be largely limited to highways, where there aren’t things like pedestrians and cyclists to deal with. You won’t fully cede control, as long as the road is clear, the car’s in control. But when all that computing power senses trouble, like construction or rough weather, it will have you take the wheel. The issue however is, that switch will not—because it cannot—happen immediately.

Audi’s testing has shown it takes an average of 3 to 7 seconds—and as long as 10—for a driver to snap to attention and take control, even when prompted by flashing lights and verbal warnings. This means engineers must ensure an autonomous Audi can handle any situation for at least that long. This is not insignificant, because a lot can happen in 10 seconds, especially when a vehicle is moving more than 100 feet per second.Which brings us to dash cam videos that  illustrate the myriad things that can, and do, happen on public roads. Here is just one random example:

so from realising what was happening to the accident was under 10 seconds, im fairly sure that a self-driving car would have been embedded in a cow! lets face it who is going to prepare a car with a simulation of what should happen if a lorry of cows unceremoniously "unloads" in front of you?

There are lots more random examples in the full article which can be found here

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Dangerous high speed driving could have cost motorcyclist his life

I think this video is particularly interesting because it shows evidence from a dash cam from one direction of an incident and footage from what is presumably a go pro fixed on a motorbike.

"The footage shows Lee Oliver attempting to do a wheelie on his motorcycle at more than 70mph, losing control and being thrown from his bike into the path of a passing van."