Sunday, 11 August 2013

Crash for Cash Documentary

So I'm just catching up with 4OD's Crash for cash documentary.

Its really quite interesting, it covers operation Nacho that convicted the Wright family in Durham who committed a massive string of scams. Their fraud cost people in the area £70 - £100 extra on their car insurance policies!  The estimate is that people like you and I pay approximately an extra £40 because of this type of scam.

The documentary also shows some video footage of an example crash for cash scam.  It was really well thought out and if I had been the "victim" driver I wouldn't have realised that I had been scammed.

They show some of the surveillance methods that they use to look in to the possibly fraudulent cases, I am really quite astounded at one of them they showed where they buried on of their guys in rubble with a camera, and he stayed there all day!.

All in all interesting and well worth a watch