Tuesday, 17 June 2014

How very stupid…..not to have a decent camera mounted in the car!

Police have arrested Jack Cottle age 21 on suspicion of false imprisonment after car is filmed driving  onto Brands Hatch circuit during the middle of a race.

Jack had his friends in the car at the time (one of which filmed the events) Jack thought that it was a good prank but it meant that the VW race that was taking place at the time had to be stopped

Many social media sites have Jack's actions as reckless but Jack has a different view and is still defending his actions saying " I live every day like its my last"

We think that's all very well Jack but

1. It was your girlfriends car (not yours to be reckless with) 
2. Should have listened to your girlfriend who was petrified and screaming at you to stop
3. Its all very well saying you live every day like its your last but you had others with you
4. Get a decent in car camera - www.Road-Vision.co.uk 

Here is footage from brands hatch, with some surprised commentators!:

Here is the video for those that haven't already seen it!

To read the full version of the story please visit our site www.Road-vision.co.uk

Source: Daily Mail