Monday, 9 March 2015

Minibus misses car by inches - terrifying dashcam footage

Knowing how dash cams make distances people are from your car look further away than they actually were when you watch footage back, this must have been mere inches of a near miss.

This footage was Filmed on a notoriously dangerous road (A9 near Blair Atholl), the footage shows a minibus just avoiding an oncoming car.

The near-miss, posted on the Aberdeen Dash Cam Facebook page, the Daily Record claims the van which has the camera in it is doing 50mph when out of nowhere the minibus overtakes and just avoids an oncoming car.

Rikki Evans commented on Facebook: "The people in that car would have not stood a chance. That would have been an instant fatal. Stupid impatient driver!!"

Protect yourself from idiots like this who if an accident had occurred would have tried to claim that you went in to the back of them through no fault of their own firmly pinning the blame on you!!