Thursday, 5 March 2015

Truck Smashes Motorcycle Into Pieces in Head On

Not only are dash cams valuable for proving crash for cash scams but they are also useful for proving your innocence should you get caught up in an incident which is not your fault, which is what happened to this HGV driver, thank goodness he had a dash cam

This is the terrifying moment that a motorcyclist veers across a winding country lane - and ploughs head-first into an oncoming lorry. The footage is taken from the lorry’s dashcam, the biker is seen failing to take a bend and drifts into the opposite carriageway as the HGV approaches. The motorbike was torn in half by the impact - but miraculously the rider escaped with just a broken shoulder.

Police thought that the lorry driver might have been guilty of speeding but the footage proved he was not at fault for the 30mph smash in Rye, East Sussex.

Mark Chamberlain, managing director of John Jempson & Son, which owns the lorry, said that the footage proved that his company's driver was not to blame for the accident.
"The driver was travelling safely and within the speed limit. You can see on the video that he is passed first by a motorcyclist who turned out to be the female partner of the injured rider. The second rider follows very closely behind her. If you slow the video right down you can see that he hits a pothole and veers over the road into the path of our truck after coming out of a corner. There is a collision but thankfully the motorcyclist is lucky and he escapes with a broken shoulder. He is already coming off the bike at the point of impact and he ends up falling to the side of our truck.

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Photo and video credit: SWNS