Saturday, 22 November 2014

Caught on Dash Cam - Night Turns to Day!

This flash of light in the sky was caught on a dash cam over Russia´s Urals on the 18th Nov 2014.

There has been much speculation over what it was UFO? Meteor? Blast?. A meteor-watching blog quotes Marco Langbroek of the Dutch Meteor Society: "I doubt this one is a meteor." He points out that the onlookers already seemed to be aware of a red glow in the sky before the flare-up — and that when the light does appear, it's stationary. "To me, it looks like a fire or series of small explosions and subsequent large explosion or flash fire reflecting on a cloud deck,"

A local observatory also indicated that nothing fell from the sky on the day of the flash. Local officials from the Emergencies Ministry refused to comment on the happening.