Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Police In Call For Public Dashcam Help

Police forces in England have appealed to motorists who have in-car cameras ( aka dashcams )to help them spot and prosecute criminals.

Senior officers have said the cameras may help catch offenders in specific situations where the police themselves are not present.

Motorists buy dashcams to record whether any accident that occurs to the vehicle is the fault of its driver, or someone else. Motor insurance firms tend to offer lower premiums to drivers who have them. They can be useful in insurance and court claims. However, they can also provide extra eyes on the road for the benefit of traffic officers.

Norwich resident Tony Sutton told the Norwich Evening News he has seen several incidents on his dashcam and supports the idea of the police making use of such footage.

Commenting: "We know the police cannot be everywhere," he noted that dashcams provide invaluable evidence like date and time stamps and also GPS readings on car speeds, which can then help prove if other motorists are going too fast. As a result, they can assist in securing convictions in court.