Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Drivers Risk 60mph Crash to Pass a Drink Between Vehicles on Motorway

The Video below shows the moment two van drivers risked not only their lives but the lives of others when they passed a drink between the vehicles whilst travelling at 60mph.

The video shows one of the vans approaching the other vehicle from the right-hand side, It then straddles the outside lane and the middle lane so the drink can be exchanged. The event occurred on the M5 (southbound carriageway near Halesowen) on the 24 September  and was captured by another driver using a dashboard camera.


 Central Motorway Police Group said it was examining the footage to see if any offences had been committed and would be contacting the owners of the vans.

Ch Insp Jared White said: "Passing items between vehicles while they are moving at speed increases the risk of a collision and is therefore not only dangerous to those inside the vehicles concerned but also to other road users."